Drive better outcomes with Ivee Ads

Ivee Ads provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to reach audiences at scale as they go from Point A to Point B. With hyperlocal targeting, a brand safe environment alongside only premium licensed content, and the perfect performance measurement that only comes when you own the screen, there is no better place for buyers to connect with their customers.

Trusted by iconic brands

Local precision, national scale

Reach Ivee’s Passengers!

million impressions and growing

jetsetters, late night socialites, game day enthusiasts, and more riding in popular ride hailing apps including Uber, Lyft, Via, and Blacklane.

Can’t miss attention

Full-screen display on 10-inch screen

Unskippable ads

Audio on

Positioned 2 feet from passenger

Ivee Ads get better results

higher CTR than YouTube & Facebook

higher CVV than Facebook and YouTube


higher brand recall than non-passenger-led experiences

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